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Senior Dogs & CBD Relief

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When your dog gets old it can be very heart breaking. Your amazing four legged friend that has always kept you on your heals is now starting to slow down. An animal that was the very picture of youth and energy now has sore hips, and takes a little longer to get up. We have always had a dog in my family. Mickey our Golden Retriever lived a very long and happy life. However towards the end of her life it would have been so helpful to have a CBD dog treat. Being able to give her something that helped bring down her pain would have been really nice. This was our dog Mickey the Golden Retriever:

We all have a dog like Mickey. Dogs are such a gift and while pain and suffering is a part of life, giving some pain relief for a sweet old girl like Mickey can be a gift given back to our senior dogs. There is something gentle about CBD that seems to fit in just right when it comes to older dogs. You know that you are giving them something safe and something that will not have harmful side effects. You also know that it will give your sweet old furry friend some relief from arthritis and old joints.

When I mentioned my family has always had dogs that was an understatement. In total we had four dogs growing up. Know we currently have among my immediate family 5 dogs in total. We do not use CBD with all of our dogs but one of our dogs currently needs it. I will come back to that later. The reason I mention all of the dogs my family has had over the years is because having a dog can be a very heavy thing. We adopted the German Shepherd dog below when she was all ready a senior dog. Her name is Kinta and here is a photo that sums her up pretty well:

Kinta was fierce! I would be lying if I said Kinta had an easy life. Kinta could have really benefited from CBD. Kinta was a Schutzhund trained dog. The reason we adopted her was because she was so aggressive with the other dog at her owners house that the owner was going to put her down. He had just had a new baby and paid over $30,000 dollars for this dog and really loved her. She was so aggressive that the owner feared for his new born baby. Rather than put her down he agreed to let us adopt her. It was rough! She attacked our other dogs and would try to kill them. But she was trained to be aggressive and had lived a strict life of training. She was the Alpha! We ended up being able to slowly have her become a part of our family. Luckily she never injured anyone. However she was so nervous her whole life and in so much pain that it makes me sad to think about it. CBD can be very helpful for nervousness and anxiety. She would lose her fur and could never really sit still. When you would try and pet her should would yelp and run away. Like I mentioned things did get better but I can only imagine what a huge difference having a little pet treat to give her every day with CBD in it would have made on her life.

While both dogs have passed and we did not have CBD or even know what it was back then, I think it makes us appreciate what we have know so much more. I had mentioned the one dog we currently are treating with CBD. Her name is Tink and she is another German Shepherd. Tink has pretty bad seizures. I will be doing a post about her in the near future!

We hope you have enjoyed our first blog post done by Xtreme Relief CBD pet treats and we hope you will follow along for some more stories. If you walk on two legs and do not prefer to eat pet treats please take a look at our human CBD website! 

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